All lyrics written
by Saehwan Koo a.k.a Vertigo Shock

Get Down. ( 2008 )

When do you want to play, face to face?
It’s never to late to waste some time and get down.
Such a pretty face.
Was it hard to make it?
Skin so soft , just to get me off with you.
( chorus )
Do you want to get down?
Lets all become one and get down.
We are not lovers, we are not romantics.
We are here to serve you,
we are here to feed.
We are here to use you, and abuse you.

Evolution Vertigo. ( 2008 )

I’m gonna turn you inside out.
Make you scream and shout,
and bring you all together now.
This is evolution , my revolution.
A new kinda kick for your ordinary lives.
Its not the same as your bullshit games,
and at the end I say.
( chorus )
V to the E to the R to the T to the I to the G to the O
I bring the stick, to stir in your shit.
Anything is everything as I cum on it.
Middle fingers in the air ,
wave them around like you just don’t care.

Crawl. ( 2003 )

You don’t know what you see
You have found this to be so wicked,
so induced you hardly feel it.
You take the hit your mind is twisted,
and so it begins.
( chorus )
Oh no , you hear them calling.
Oh no , you feel them crawl.
Everything is strange,
so happily deranged.
You see them gathering up your knees.
It’s not what you think,
its all in your head.
All threw the hills, survived off the pills.
And all the strangers are looking at me.
I take the thrill, after the spill,
of my whole reality.

Visionary. ( 2009 )

My origin is so unclear,
sometimes I wish I could just disappear.
To a place that you will fear,
its so near I can taste it.
I am an anomaly, to your reality.
And I keep spinning, and spinning and spinning away.
( chorus )
I am imagination, a prostitute to your fascination.
I am a revelation, a hybrid version of a visionary.
I am imagination, a prostitute to your fascination.
I am a revolution, a hybrid version of a visionary.
My reality is so unclear,
sometimes I wish I can overcome it.
To a face that you will fear,
its so near and I say fuck it.
I see the unreal.
I feel the things that you don’t feel.
I am close and I am near.
I am becoming and its all quite clear now.

The Shit. ( 2009 )

Take a pill for a thrill.
This is the shit,
The shit we get down to
The shit we get around to
The shit we get along to
The shit we can’t ignore
The shit we come together for
The shit that kills all the rest
This is the shit, because
( chorus )
We only care about the shit we feel.
We only give a fuck about the shit that’s real to us.
Its what we trust, its what we lust for.
The shit that makes us numb and the shit that makes us cum.
This is the shit ,
The shit you go down on
The shit you fuck to
The shit we connect to
The I penetrate to
The shit that makes you move.
The shit that makes you groove.

Among No One ( 2010 )

I am laying here , underneath the moon
and I am among no one.
Its soulless everywhere , not even any ghost
and I am among no one.
The tides are coming in so strong ,
and I have no one to hold on too , because
( chorus )
Everything is blue and nothing seems true ,
I’ve been waiting here for so long.
Everything is blue and nothing seems true ,
Because I’ve been alone for so long.
The sand is so cold even more when your alone
and I am among no one.
I tried to make you into something I can use ,
because I am among no one.
I tried to make you into something I can lose ,
because I am among no one.
I am among no one

New Breed ( 2010 )

Where are all the girls with the lust and the trust
and everything in between
Where are all the boys with the toys and the trust
and nothing to believe in
Do you want to use me play and abuse me
as you’re down on your hands and knees
All of this is soothing and nothing is confusing
as this spiral keeps
spinning and growing
( chorus )
Make way for the new blood
Make way for a new breed
Make way for a new evolution
Make way for my revolution
Where are all the boys that like to bring the noise
dressed to kill looking for a thrill
something real take a pill
and leave yourself behind
Where are all the girls with love on their minds
spirals in their eyes
knew high boots and thigh highs
with nothing to hide
take a ride and leave yourself behind
I keep spinning , I keep growing

Ending too Begin ( 2010 )

sometimes belief is stronger than the truth
and I’ll be with you all the way
all the way
goodbye cruel world
I’m leaving you today
goodbye , goodbye , goodbye

Scifidie ( 2010 )

Hey you Dressed too impress,
Looking like a whore leaving everyone wanting more.
Lets go for a ride put our hands up and reach for the sky
The stars look down at us and everything seems alright
We own this shit and together we’ll light up the world tonight
Hey you, are you me?
Please tell cause I can’t see.
Are you a figure of my imagination?
Or just my own reflection.
I can’t get away, I cannot hide from you
Give me your ears so I can tell you what I believe in
I’ve been waiting for you, motherfucker

Too much ( 2010 )

This is not enough
I wake up everyday wanting more than this
I try too fix what I need too fix
But at the end I want too make it go away
So I lay Talking too myself
Thinking too myself hoping this will change
Hoping this will fade hoping I will not wake up feeling the same
Cause it’s too much too handle
And its too much too receive
So now I’m dead tonight
And everything seems alright
Now I’m dead inside
And everything seems alright
Too much too want, too much too need
Too much too feed, too much too make me bleed
Too but I want too see is this what I really need
This is not enough, I break what I take
I tell it like I see, I play it as I believe
Sometimes I don’t know if this is real or
If I’m just imagining

Out for a thrill ( 2010 )

We are all one and loaded up
Too do what we feel and too touch something real
We learned how too fly, before we can crawl
Dressed too kill and out for a thrill
Ready too let yourself go
Ready too let the beat flow
Ready too let your shit hang low
Are you ready too let yourself know?
Who you really are inside
Can you hang with us tonight?
Can you hang with us all night?
Can you hang in my world?
Can you leave yours behind?
Are you ready too except what you find
Are you ready too let yourself know whom you really are inside?

All I am ( 2010 )

Time passes by and I’m still alive
But I never stopped too ask myself why
So I try too keep it all together
I remember that this is not forever
But no one can stop me
From keeping it all together, cause
All I am is what I’m going after
And you stand still as I’m spinning faster
You’re standing still as I’m spinning faster
This is all I am
This is who I am

Revolution of the mind ( 2008 )

Ladies and gentlemen
This is a revolution of the mind
excess, love and madness

A Vision that can Damn or Save my Soul. ( 2006 )

Where do you see your control in the future,
did you ever think to believe in something more pure.
Fixed to look good on a crucifix,
thinking this will grant you every little wish.
You say its the only way to go,
all you know is what story tellers sell you.
It can go much more deeper then any heaven or hell.
( chorus )
Give me a vision that can damn or save my soul,
nothing will stop me from letting your world go.
As you pray like a slave to be saved,
your only speaking to yourself at the end of the day
Brainwashed to think there is no other way to go.
Religion is nothing more than science fiction,
a voice to hear all your confessions.
God doesn’t have to be something you can not see.
You treat it like a t.v mystery , bringing your seeds up
into this world blind folded and molded to look cute on a crucifix